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Gramvousa Balos Full day

Live the ultimate experience on the pirate's island, swimming by the gorgeous beach in the crystal clear water. Looking at the shipwreck while the pirate's castle is up in the mountain.
If you follow the trail you will reach the castle, where you can admire the panoramic view, ideal for taking pictures, with the endless blue and Balos lagoon in the background. You can feel the castle energy, and of course see the church of the Virgin Mary "The Fence". Pirates went there, making offerings so that the Virgin Mary wouldn't punish them for their raids. They also "bribed" the Virgin Mary by giving one tenth of their loot, to overlook their actions!
A destination that will be unforgettable for many special reasons. Just let the scenery with the wild beauty fascinate you!
Balos, a paradise on earth, it's famous lagoon has a unique beauty! It's called "Paradise of Crete" because of the turquoise exotic beach and the pink sand. An ideal destination for relaxing, sun bathing, swimming and diving. A destination for everyone! Images from the exotic scenery will linger in the visitor's memory for a long time. A place where you definitely will want to come back.

Pictures of the cruise and locations.

Gramvousa Balos
Gramvousa Balos